Welcome to SPHC!

You are likely reading this because you are a new client to me or interested in becoming one. Thank you for your interest in partnering together! You can email me at to inquire about getting on my regular schedule.

Business Philosophy

Communication and safety are my top priorities. It is important to me that you, your horse, and I are on the same page for how our appointments should go and what progress we would like to see. I schedule our next appointment with you, will follow up with a text about appt time, and will send a reminder text 24 – 72 hours before our scheduled trim. I am available in between appointments for questions or concerns, and encourage you to touch base with any needs.

If at any point, an appointment feels unsafe, we still stop and re-evaluate. Working around horses means we all assume inherent risk. But I prefer to work smarter, not harder. If your horse is uncomfortable, anxious, acting out, or otherwise signaling to me their feelings, I listen.

Business Policies

Please click here to read a short list of my business policies.

I prefer text for client communication, so I don’t lose any important messages and can respond in a timely manner.

Trimming Rates

My trimming rates vary depending on the size of your horse – mini, pony, horse, draft cross, draft* – and your location. Certain routes have a travel fee added if 50+ miles from home. Extra charges include thrush treatment, Hoof Armor, extra time for training/behavioral issues, etc. Contact me for specific details.

I do offer in person consultations for a fee, contact me to set one up.

*Currently not accepting any full drafts.

Goals for You and Your Horse

My goal is to help you and your horse be comfortable and successful at whatever your goals are. That could include transitioning from shoes to barefoot, becoming more sound, achieving a healthier hoof capsule, or learning to trim your own horse. Teaching and education is a big part of my business model – I work best with owners who are willing to get hands on with their horse’s care. That may look like adjusting supplements for better hoof health, more exercise, vet diagnostics if recommended (xrays, bloodwork, etc), massage or chiropractic, regular thrush treatment, etc.

My expertise is the hoof but I can point you in the right direction in other areas, if you’re ready to do some research of your own and see what your horse may need. If you don’t know this already, everything impacts hoof health and the whole body is connected! It’s important to me that my clients feel empowered in their horse’s care, even if we don’t always agree on the next steps needed. I am here to make suggestions, it is up to you which direction you choose.

Onwards + Upwards

I am looking forward to getting to know you and your horse better. You can visit my testimonials page to see what my clients have experienced working with me. Visit my about me page to learn about my journey into the world of holistic hoofcare, as well as my continuing education. Follow me on social media on Facebook or Instagram, I post educational content as often as I can.

Wishing the best for you and your herd.

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