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    Open Letter to New Farriers

    Hello there, Congratulations on deciding to start your own farrier business! Working for yourself will be the best, most exhausting and thrilling thing you may ever do! In the words of…

  • Anatomy Educational Practical

    The Worst Trimming Rule

    Brene Brown always asks her podcast guests this question: “What is the best or worst piece of leadership advice you have received?” I wondered what is the worst trimming advice I…

  • Practical

    Getting Hoofcare Advice Online

    I’m a firm believer in the knowledge and understanding of horse owners. I’ve always been passionate about educating my clients, because they’re doing the daily hands on care. They know when…

  • Practical

    Welcome to SPHC!

    You are likely reading this because you are a new client to me or interested in becoming one. Thank you for your interest in partnering together! You can email me at…

  • Practical

    SPHC Business Policies 2023 + Beyond

    *Updated for 2023. It is essential to me that my work with your horses remains sustainable for me, especially physically. The repetitive nature of trimming is not easy on my body.…

  • Practical

    Why Do Barefoot Trimmers Charge More?

    In all the places I have trimmed (Illinois, Virginia, North Carolina, and Washington), it seems to be pretty common for farriers to charge less for trims than barefoot trimmers. I’ve seen…