About Corrie

Every barefoot trimmer has a story to tell about how they became obsessed with horse feet. I had no idea I would end up in this career but I love it.

My journey into the world of barefoot began in the suburbs of Chicago when I bought my mare, Cheyenne in the early 2000’s. She was shod in front and toed in on her RF. She developed a habit of tripping and stumbling, which became concerning and potentially dangerous. I tried going barefoot.

Wanting to learn more, I attended a hoof dissection clinic in 2002 in Bartlett, Illinois with Martha Olivo. I enjoyed it, but I remained the owner who just held the lead rope and chatted with the trimmer while she worked. I didn’t know if “barefoot was best,” I just knew it worked for my horse.

Fast forward to years later, I worked at a local barn in Virginia while I finished my undergraduate degree. I fell in love with a horse there and he became my first experiment. Could you take a horse out of shoes and make him sound again? A trimmer well-versed in the “Hoof Guided Method” (one of many barefoot trimming philosophies) taught me how to use my tools and then I was on my own. This horse had so many issues that I had to dive deep into research to discover how to help heal his body and his feet.

A local equine trigger point myotherapist noticed my progress with him and started referring me to her clients. At first I was hesitant, but I realized that I could really help horses in my area even though I was just starting out. My business grew so fast I brought on an apprentice.

My apprentice, Britinee, and I got in touch with Paige Poss (http://www.ironfreehoof.com/ and http://www.anatomy-of-the-equine.com/) to continue our education. Our time with her was invaluable. We hosted a dissection clinic with Paige in Virginia Beach in the summer of 2017, and it was an incredible experience. Many of my clients attended and we passed cadaver bones back and forth to each other, in awe.

My husband and I made the big but tough decision to move to Washington for grad school in the fall of 2017 and thankfully, Britinee was ready and able to take over hoof care for my Virginia clients and I am so grateful they are in good hands!

Building my business again in Washington has been amazing. I am still currently taking new clients within 1 hour of north Seattle.

I enjoy walking owners through the transition process from shod to barefoot. I prioritize being a resource to my clients. I am the best fit as a hoofcare provider for owners who want their horses on a regular trim schedule, who may need a patient person for stiff and arthritic horses, or who want to learn more about their role in healing their horse’s feet.

*I am currently pursuing certification from Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners. PHCP is an amazing network of hoofcare professionals. Find my profile here: 

See my Testimonials page to learn more about my relationship with my clients.

Corrie, Paige Poss, and Britinee

My Assistant

My dog, Quinn (named after Jane Seymour’s character on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), often travels with me to appointments, as long as it’s a dog friendly property. She can’t wait to meet you.