How To Find A Barefoot Trimmer In Your Area

If you’re unsure of where to look to find a barefoot trimmer in your area, or if you’re looking for a second opinion on your horse’s hoof health, here are some options for you to try.

Ask Around

If you have a friend with a barefoot horse, ask them who they use for trims and if they would recommend their services. Your trainer, barn manager, or barn owner may also know of someone who works in the area. It helps if you like the way their barefoot horse is looking and moving! But that’s not the sole judgment of a trimmer’s skill (no pun intended. Okay, pun intended a little!)

If you already know who services your area and are looking for another opinion, continue on down this list to find a barefoot trimmer.

Facebook Groups

There are a few Facebook groups you can post in to find a barefoot trimmer in the United States.
Barefoot Trimmers Only – with 10k+ members and hoofcare professionals in the group, you’re bound to get a response!
Barefoot Trimmers Connect – started specifically with the purpose of connecting owners with barefoot trimmers.

Hoof Care and Rehabilitation – this group is at 20k+ members and growing every day. I am a group moderator for this page and many of my colleagues are members or admins. Great place to ask questions and look for an excellent farrier near you.

Post “ISO barefoot trimmer” in both groups with some details — what you’re looking for, where you’re located, how many horses, etc.

PHCP website

The Progressive Hoof Care Practitioner organization also has a list of professional trimmers on their website. See if anyone works in your area here:

*If you don’t see any geographical matches, contact someone who works in your state or general area from either of those two sites and ask if they know of anyone trimming in your specific area. The barefoot trimming community is small and you’re bound to get an excellent referral.*

The Horse’s Hoof Professional Trimmers List

This is a more extensive list of trimmers all across the country. Look for someone in or near your area. This list includes trimmers of all kinds and methods, so you’ll have to ask some questions to find out if individuals will be a good fit for what you’re looking for. Find the list and search in your state here:

What to Say

When I’m contacted by a potential client, helpful information for me to know is:

  • Location
  • Best way to contact you
  • How many horses?
  • Age + breed
  • Shod or barefoot?
  • Specific concerns? Vet diagnosis? Hoof health history?
  • Anything else you’d like to share

If you’re looking for a referral, the same information is still helpful.

Best of luck finding the perfect hoofcare provider for you and your herd!

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