Local Washington Services

Barefoot Trimming

Custom trim for your horse(s), hoof photos for analysis, boot measurement and sizing advice, and suggestions and information on any hoof related topic including thrush treatment, hoof rehabilitation, transitioning from steel shoes to barefoot, alternative hoof protection, nutrition, and more. Will collaborate with the other professionals in your horse’s life (vet, massage therapist, chiro, etc) – love being a part of the team. Recommended trim cycle is usually 4-6 weeks, but there are exceptions.

Western Washington clients only, contact me to see if I am taking new clients in your area. 
Trim rates vary depending on size of horse and location. Payment due at time of service.

On Site Consultation

I also offer on site consultations for potential new clients. Our time together can include hoof photos, analysis of current hoof health, review of medical history and radiographs if available, slow motion video to check movement and hoof landings, my recommendations for your horse based on their history and your hoofcare goals, answering all your questions, and anything else you need. Included is a follow up text/email with resources for you.

On site consult fee depends on location, payment due at time of service (cash, check, Zelle).
*Contact me for availability.

Teaching Sessions

If you’re interested in learning to trim your own horse, I would love to help! Contact me for details and a recommended tool list. This is customized to what you need – some people have already been trimming on their own and want a refresher, some clients want to learn how to do touch ups in between professional trims, and some clients want to learn how to do all their own hoofcare. I can also offer your resources for doing your own glue on shoes, there are several great options on the market now. 

Western Washington clients in my service range, only. Email for hourly rate, timeline, and tool list.

New Client + Teaching Trim Appt Availability

Western Washington clients only, contact me to see if I have availability in your area:
Port Orchard/Gig Harbor – currently full, wait list open. Saturdays only.
Renton, Maple Valley, Issaquah and nearby – currently full, wait list open. Saturdays only.
Stanwood to Fall City – potential availability, Tues/Wed/Fri only.
Also hoping to offer some trimming clinics for owners in the future, stay tuned.

Phone/Video Consultations

New Client Inquiry Conversation

If you live in western Washington and would like to have a phone consultation about my services, transitioning your horse to barefoot, taking a different approach in your horse’s hoofcare, this offering is for you. I am available to discuss whatever is on your mind.
Most common topics include my approach to trimming, PNW hoofcare recommendations for the PNW, the hoof rehab process, your horse’s current hoof health, your hoofcare goals, and alternative hoof protection options. This session also includes a follow up email with links to any resources mentioned.

Payment due before start of session (Venmo/Zelle)
*I also offer on site consultations, even better to meet you and your horse in person! Email me to schedule.

Farrier Support Session

This is a non-judgmental space for hoofcare providers to discuss your current business obstacles and frustrations. Sometimes it’s a surprise to find out what working for yourself really is like! There is a high rate of burnout in our industry. We can talk about whatever is on your mind for this session to ensure that you are running your business, rather than it running you. 

Common topics can include: business advice, problem solving for difficult cases, avoiding burnout and compassion fatigue, taking care of your body, and practicing good boundaries at work.

This is also open to anyone working in the equine industry! Vets, trainers, grooms, stable hands, bodyworkers, etc. You are not alone.

Phone call or Google Meet/Zoom video call
Email me to schedule a 60 min session at



Your Horse Evaluation + Education – An Idea Not Likely to Happen Soon

One on one sessions teaching horse owners about basic distal limb anatomy, the foundations of hoof health, analyzing your horse’s hoof photos, current diet/environment/lifestyle, and your goals and aspirations.

Learning To Trim Your Own Horse – In Development in My Brain but Not in Reality

A series of video calls designed to teach and empower you to trim your own horse.