Barefoot Trims – my clients are usually on a 4-6 week schedule depending on what is best for each individual horse. I schedule each appointment with you + your horse in mind — plenty of time to chat, allow your horse breaks if stiff or anxious, and provide a detailed trim. I enjoy figuring out how to communicate that trimming appointments can not only be tolerated, but enjoyable for horses who have arthritis or emotional baggage. Developing a relationship with both horse and client is one of my favorite parts of the job.

Booting Assistance – I do not carry boot inventory at this time, but we can figure out which brand and size will work best for your horse. I like many brands currently on the market including including Easy Boots, Soft Rides, Renegades, and Equine Fusion. I measure your horse and make recommendations at no extra charge.

Continuing Education – My clients usually get interested in what I am doing and why, and I love to teach! We can work through helpful information on topics you want to know more about including the rehabilitation process, various hoof ailments, diet and nutrition, treating other issues in the body that impact the feet, and more.

Instructional Time – Some owners want to do touch ups in between trims and others want to learn to trim their own horses. Picking up a rasp comes surprisingly easy — it is more intuitive than you’d think. Some horses, especially in the rehab process, benefit from more frequent trims. If you want to learn to trim your own horse, let’s work together.

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