SPHC Business Policies 2023 + Beyond

*Updated for 2023.

It is essential to me that my work with your horses remains sustainable for me, especially physically. The repetitive nature of trimming is not easy on my body.

The following policies are to insure good communication, a consistent schedule, and safety for you, me, and your horses.

Payment Policy

Your full appointment fee is due at time of service, before I leave the property, unless otherwise discussed. Payment options are cash, check made out to Corrie Mannion, or Zelle.

*Some properties have terrible cell service, send payment when you’re back in better range.

Appointment Requirements

In order to trim, there must be a clean, dry, flat area to trim, covered from the elements, where your horse is used to standing for a period of time.

Please arrive early to catch your horse, warm them up if needed to get their body and brain engaged, and pick their feet out. If they have time to dry, you can hose any mud off their feet and lower legs (if temps aren’t too cold). If they don’t have time to dry (at least 10 min), do not hose — towel or brush off instead.

In the summer, please have fly spray ready.

I make every attempt to respect your time and will text you if I am running behind schedule that day, so you can plan accordingly for the above.


If I am given less than 24hr notice for a cancellation/reschedule – a partial/full appointment fee may be due. Last minute cancellations/reschedules affect me and the rest of my clients for that day, even that week. Of course emergencies/weather conditions happen, which I understand. A timely reschedule for your horse(s) will be accommodated as soon as possible.

*Please do not hesitate to let me know if you are not feeling well – in these times, I would much rather reschedule or trim your horse solo than end up getting sick myself. Thank you for your consideration.*

Failed Appointments

A failed appointment means that a client did not show up, a client is so late that I can’t finish the trim in our time slot, horse behavior means I can’t trim or finish the trim,* or other reasons why I can’t do my job. In these cases, a full fee is due for my time and travel.

*I reserve the right to stop our appointment at any time if something isn’t safe for you, me, or the horse. That is very much a gray area, but I have enough experience at this point that I trust my instincts. A full trim fee will be due for my time and travel, and we will work together to figure out what to do differently to have a more successful appt next time.

Solo Trim Charge

I do trim horses solo for select clients and horses, previously agreed upon. This option must be discussed in advance of your appointment. If I trim solo, a trim charge of $5 – $10 may be added.

Thank You

Thank you for reading, for respecting my business policies, and for helping me stay safe and on schedule as much as possible! You are much appreciated.

Corrie trimming Domino while Don Quixote offers emotional support.

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