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The Best Holistic Supplement and Product Companies

2021 article update coming soon!

I often discuss diet and nutrition with my clients and thought it would be helpful to compile a list of wonderful holistic supplement companies and sources, not only for you but also so I’ll remember them all! Reading ingredient labels can be confusing and I often feel like we have to become amateur chemists and nutritionists just to discover what equals quality nutrition for our horses. Though I can’t promise I have read every single ingredient label on every product listed below, these companies have quality ingredients and products, taking some of the guesswork out of the equation. Hopefully these companies can be a resource and starting point for you as you figure out exactly what your horse needs.

Holistic Supplement and Product Sources

Advanced Biological Concepts is my favorite trace mineral source. They are organic and do not include any sugar ingredients like molasses or artificial sweeteners. They have an excellent hoof supplement and their ProBi is a great probiotic source. If you’re not such which mineral blend/option is best for your horse, talk to your vet, trimmer, or call their customer service line. Find all their products here.

Arenus has a variety of quality supplements – I especially like their Assure line (digestive health/colic prevention), their Citrus C/Q for immune support, and their PrePro for prebiotics. Find their products here.

Bach Flower Remedies are natural products made from flowers that work well for both emotional and mental issues. Their most popular blend is Rescue Remedy, but they also offer single remedies to take individually or to create your own custom blend. The “pet” line is alcohol free, but either version is safe for you and your animals. You can find their products here and take a questionnaire to discover which remedies would be best for your horse (or you!) here. BFR products are available online and in health food stores.

BioStar is an amazing equine whole food company – be sure to check out their immune support category! Find their products here.

Harmany Equine Clinic (a holistic vet clinic based in Virginia) is a great starting place for homeopathic remedies including ledum (for puncture wounds, post-vaccine support, and Lyme disease support) and ruta grav (for tendon and ligament injuries). Find specific homeopathic remedies here.

Hawaiian Organic Noni produces organic noni products. Their noni fruit leather has a variety of benefits including Lyme disease support, joint support, and immune system support. Their products are for humans and animals. Find their noni products here.

Horseshoe Herbals is a quality herbal company – I especially love their calming formula for anxious horses or those stuck on stall rest. Find their products here.

Mountain Rose Herbs is one of my favorite sources for organic bulk herbs and spices – for you or your horse! Maybe you want to try tumeric for joint support or raspberry leaf for your hormonal mare. Find their products here. Bonus points: they’re a local PNW company based in Eugene, OR.

Red Horse Products is my favorite line for topical hoofcare products. They also have a wonderful wound cream called HoneyHeal. See all their products here. Read which product would be best for treating your horse’s feet here.

Silver Lining Herbs is another great herbal company with a variety of formulas to address different issues. Their hoof related product is Laminae Support (for sore feet). Find all their equine products here.

The Holistic Horse offers a variety of natural and herbal products like organic chastetree powder (for balancing hormones) or their custom blends for respiratory support or allergies. Find their products here.

US Chia produces chia seeds right here in the United States. Their website is full of information about the benefits of chia seeds for horses. Find their chia seeds here.

Zephyr’s Garden is a natural skin care company for equines. Check out their products including liniment, salve, and more here and here.

*If you have a favorite holistic supplement or product company, please send it to me and I’ll add it to the list.*

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